Das Rheingold, 2015. Todd Thomas. David Cooper Photography

Enriching your Opera Experience

There is far more to every opera than the spectacle and music an audience experiences at the performance. Your opera experience can be enriched immeasurably as you discover more about the opera, its creators, and its musical, literary, social and historical background.

To help you enjoy a more profound operatic experience, Pacific Opera Victoria provides resources for every member of our audience. Subscribers and donors receive a copy of our newsletter Key Notes before each opera. We prepare study guides and student activity guides for students and teachers who are taking part in the Student Dress Rehearsal program. These resources are available on our web site for anyone who is interested in exploring the rich world behind every opera we present.

While our newsletters and guides may be downloaded for study and research purposes, we ask that you credit Pacific Opera Victoria if you make use of these materials.

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