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Madama Butterfly, 2015. Nate Ingram, Arminče Kassabian, Jee Hye Han. Emily Cooper Photography

The exhilaration of a night at the opera, the synergy of music, human passion, dramatic action, and visual effects – nothing comes close to the richness and excitement of the opera experience.

The more you know and understand about the opera you are seeing, the richer the experience. The humour will be more immediate, the drama more poignant, the meaning more profound.

POV provides a synopsis in the house programme and surtitles on screen to help explain the opera when you're in the theatre.

We also bring you many ways to discover the depth and delight of each opera outside the walls of the theatre.


Opera for Schools, Educators, and Youth

  • Student Preview : Full-time students in elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary institutions, as well as home learners, have the opportunity to attend the dress rehearsals for Pacific Opera's productions. Tickets are ordered through the educational institutions.

  • Living Opera: Complimentary in-class workshops before each opera.

  • Opera Works Camp: Youth ages 8 to 13 create and stage their very own opera in this week-long summer camp.

  • Student Rush Tickets / 30 and Younger Program

Artist Training

  • Workshops, master classes, and more, for students of voice and practicing artists working in the fields of music, theatre, stage design and direction.

Opera for the Community

  • The Co|Opera|tive is a series of performances, discussions, films, and workshops that explore opera in new ways. Every opera that we stage offers an artistic lens through which to explore art in the context of the world in which we live. Everyone in the community is invited to join us – and to experience everything we do OFF THE STAGE to help opera come alive.

Read, Listen, and Discover

  • Online resources: POV's Best of Youtube, Production design images, cast biographies, synopsis and background for each opera, and more. All are at your fingertips, helping you prepare for and discover the unexpected in each opera.

  • Key Notes: POV's newsletter, sent to all subscribers and donors, provides insights into each opera and details of related events. Available online before each opera and for later download from our resource archive.


Pacific Opera Victoria engages students and teachers in the arts, both in their schools and in the theatre. Pacific Opera also provides training and performance opportunities for young artists at every stage of development.

By encouraging appreciation for the arts and enhancing early training, we aim to give children and youth a lifetime to nurture what they love.


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