Ayre by Osvaldo Golijov, with soprano Miriam Khalil, October 2018. Photo courtesy Against the Grain Theatre


A song cycle by Osvaldo Golijov
with Miriam Khalil, soprano and Aventa Ensemble

   Plus The Truth and the Truth by Juliet Palmer
   with Bill Linwood, Solo Percussion


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Thursday, October 25, 2018, 7 pm
Friday, October 26, 7 pm

Sunday, October 28, 7 pm
The Baumann Centre, 925 Balmoral Road

Adults: $35 / Students $15

Stories of murder and love, war, seduction, and exile are told in music that veers from classical and klezmer to folk and opera, with a soundscape that includes harp and accordion, clarinet and laptop, and the lush, fiery colours of the soprano voice.
Sung in Arabic, Hebrew, Ladino, Sardinian, and Spanish, with English surtitles

A co-production with Aventa Ensemble


Above: Miriam Khalil performs the first song in the cycle, Mañanita de San Juan (Morning of St. John's Day). The text is a Traditional Sephardic Romance, sung in Ladino, the language used by Jews of Spanish origin after their expulsion from Spain in 1492. The music, composed by Golijov, is inspired by Sephardic street cries.
The song tells of an epic battle between the Moors and Christians, during which an admiral named Rondale is taken captive. In this excerpt, a Moorish princess offers to marry Rondale (note the seductive riffs on the clarinet as she promises him gold and property). But Rondale has a wife in Paris and angrily refuses her.
Video courtesy Rockport Music Festival. Performance June 15, 2018


Above: Miriam Khalil performs the third song in the cycle, Tancas Serradas a Muru (Walls are Encircling the Land), an 18th century Sardinian song by Francesco Ignazio Mannu.
Revolution is in the air as peasants threaten to overthrow the greedy land owners. The song is a furious, rhythmic rant that demands an earthy, snarling vocal performance. While set in Sardinia, the song, in Golijov's eyes, perfectly relates to the chaos and turmoil of the Middle East.
Walls are encircling the land
Seized with greed and in haste,
If Heaven was on Earth
They would grab it too!

Video courtesy Rockport Music Festival. Performance June 15, 2018


Ayre (meaning "melody" and "air" in medieval Spanish) draws its 11 songs from the three cultures – Jewish, Christian, Muslim – that intermingled in 15th century Spain. An eclectic fusion of traditional Sephardic melodies, ancient Biblical lamentations, Christian-Arab Easter songs, and contemporary Palestinian poetry, Ayre is a gorgeous collision of cultures, chameleonic in its mix of beauty and savagery.

Argentinian Jewish composer Osvaldo Golijov created Ayre in 2004 for the great American soprano Dawn Upshaw. The work now has an eloquent new exponent in Lebanese-Canadian soprano Miriam Khalil. In the words of the composer,

No one singer ... "owns" this piece in the way that Miriam Khalil does – I cannot even begin to express the emotion I feel when she sings Ayre: it is as if she was born to sing it, or, even better, "born for each other, she and Ayre"... Hearing and seeing her is a wild journey that leaves one exhausted and exhilarated at end.

Original production staged by Joel Ivany, Founder and Artistic Director, Against the Grain Theatre


The Media on Ayre

Crazily ravishing ... carrying an earthy, almost biblical punch ... "Ayre," is a significant and relevant rumination on exile and history.
Richard Scheinin, San Jose Mercury News

If a modern classical work could ever crack the Top 40, this is it: Golijov has created a new beast, of bastard parentage and glorious plumage.
Alex Ross, The New Yorker

A careening, vital, emotional, wild concoction ...
And soprano Khalil ... is a mesmerizing, gorgeous presence in the piece. Khalil's voice is operatically trained, but emanates from a Christian Arab soul, so all the various elements of Ayre's wild range find a home somewhere in her emotional and cultural makeup.
Robert Harris, The Globe and Mail

At its center, the Lebanese-Canadian soprano Miriam Khalil fearlessly embodied the parade of characters represented in these songs, spinning out tales of ancient battles with an urgency and charisma that made them feel like yesterday's news.
Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe review of Ayre at the Rockport Festival, 2018

Most of all, the evening belonged to Miriam Khalil, the singer in Ayre, described as a soprano in the program, but that's sort of like calling Niagara Falls a water feature. She had a range in notes, and expressive scope ... a sense of drama and motion in her voice, in her whole body that was utterly captivating.
Arthur Smith, afewreasonablewords.com



Adults: $35 / Students $15

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Performances of Ayre take place at the Baumann Centre, 925 Balmoral Road, Victoria.


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