Victoria Symphony

Victoria Symphony and Maestro Timothy Vernon in POV's Macbeth, 2012

The Opera Orchestra for Pacific Opera Victoria is the Victoria Symphony. The Symphony musicians are an essential – and acclaimed – part of every POV production.

POV Artistic Director Timothy Vernon conducts the Symphony for POV's 2013/14 Opera Season. Giuseppe Pietraroia is Conductor in Residence for both POV and the Victoria Symphony.

Victoria Symphony Musicians, 2013/14 Season

First Violins

  1. * Terence Tam, Concertmaster
  2. Christi Meyers, Acting Concertmaster
  3. Müge Büyükçelen-Badel, Acting Assistant Concertmaster
  4. Courtney Cameron
  5. Cory Balzer
  6. Michelle Kwon
  7. Christopher Taber

Second Violins

  1. Victoria Lindsay, Principal
  2. Allison Cregg
  3. Julian Vitek
  4. Emily Salmon


  1. Kenji Fuse, Principal
  2. Stacey Boal
  3. Mieka Michaux
  4. Kay Cochran


  1. Brian Yoon, Principal
  2. Joyce Ellwood
  3. Martin Bonham
  4. Perry Foster


  1. Mary Rannie, Principal
  2. Darren Buhr


  1. Richard Volet, Principal
  2. Sally Harvey
  3. Mary Byrne


  1. Sally Harvey


  1. Michael Byrne, Principal
  2. Russell Bajer

English Horn

  1. Russell Bajer


  1. Keith MacLeod, Principal
  2. Jennifer Christensen


  1. Jennifer Gunter, Principal
  2. Anne Marie Power


  1. Alana Despins, Principal
  2. Michael Oswald
  3. Janet Parker
  4. Dan Moses


  1. Ryan Cole, Principal
  2. David Michaux


  1. Brad Howland
  2. Marcus Hissen
  3. Paul Beauchesne

Bass Trombone

  1. Bob Fraser


  1. William Linwood, Principal


  1. Corey Rae, Principal
  2. Rob Pearce


  1. Annabelle Stanley, Principal


  1. Doug Hensley

Orchestra Manager

  1. Peter Burris

Stage Manager

  1. Eric Gallipo


  1. Ronald Comber
  2. Russell Bajer, Assistant

* on leave

Victoria Symphony

Selected Reviews

The Victoria Symphony is right at home with this kind of material ... The orchestra moved through this score like a well-maintained Bugatti.
Ian Cochran, Monday Magazine (2010, Rodelinda)

Musically ... resplendent, the performance was materially enhanced by Timothy Vernon's passionate conducting and the spirited and polished playing he drew from the Victoria Symphony. Donizetti's imaginative scoring provides strings, brass, percussion, and especially woodwinds with many opportunities to shine, and they seized all of them with aplomb.
Bernard Jacobson, Music Web International (2012, Maria Stuarda)

Clearly inspired by the subject matter, Verdi produced an orchestral part that, while economical and dark-hued, is extraordinarily vivid and frequently exciting, rife with striking details (and not only in the "fantastic" music for the witches). The Victoria Symphony, conducted by POV artistic director Timothy Vernon, attacks this score boldly and revels in its rich colours.
Kevin Bazzana, Times Colonist (2012, Macbeth)

Under the direction of Maestro Timothy Vernon the Victoria Symphony delivers a bravura performance, and one leaves the Royal Theatre in a state of near awe at the sheer artistic excellence on display.
J.H. Stape, Review Vancouver (2008, Regina)

Perhaps the single most impressive aspect was the orchestral contribution of the Victoria Symphony. Though they were presumably playing modern instruments, Timothy Vernon, the company's gifted and dedicated artistic director, contrived to elicit a sound that rivaled the incisiveness and clarity of period-instrument performance. Articulation was crisp and clean, and vibrato was kept at a minimum.
Bernard Jacobson, Music Web International (2010, Rodelinda)