Speak, sister, speak, is the deed done.

This early 19th-century sheet music attests to the longevity of Matthew Locke's Restoration additions to Macbeth. Sir William Davenant radically revised Macbeth for a 1664 staging, turning the play into a lavish musical spectacular with flying, dancing, singing witches. The Witches' songs are attributed to Matthew Locke.

In the song shown, the witches comment on the death of King Duncan and anticipate more murders to come.

1st Witch: Speak, sister, speak ; is the deed done ?
2nd Witch: Long ago, long ago, Above twelve glasses since have run,
Ill deeds are seldom slow or single but following crimes, on horror wait,
The worst of creatures fastest propagate.
1st Witch: Many more murders must this one ensue,
Dread horrors still abound in ev'ry place around
As if in death were found Propagation too.
He must, he will, he shall spill much more blood.

Photo credit: John Frederick. Courtesy University of Victoria Archives and Special Collections

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